Genetic Testing: How It Helped My Son With His Anxiety And Depression.

I’m so excited! Want to know why?

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Why am I doing a podcast and how will it help you?

I had the idea for the podcast because just like you, I want to help patients and get them the information they need.
There is so much new information that how can any provider keep up with all of it. So many providers don’t have time to talk to reps. They don’t have the ability, to or just don’t want to. They don’t have time to keep up with the literature about what can help them with their patients.

So, I was trying to think of a way to get info to patients faster. There are better options out there for patients than just giving up.

Giving up on depression and thinking there is no hope.
Giving up on stress incontinence and peeing themselves or buying endless supplies of pads to have on hand.
Giving up on sleep apnea and throwing the CPAP in the closet.
Giving up on back pain when there are sooooo many options out there.
Guess what? You may not know about these options and neither do your patients.

So this podcast is for patients and providers and students to learn more options for their common medical problems.

Please subscribe and see what we are speaking about and please listen when it has something to do with your field, something that you might deal with or your loved one might deal with.

I have been there. I have been in medicine for 24 years and didn’t know about so many options and medical devices and lab tests that are available.
In fact, tomorrow, we will be talking about depression and anxiety and how you can do genetic testing to find out what medicines will work for you.
I feel horrible because I let my child suffer with depression for over a year, in and out of offices and adjusting one medicine. I didn’t know about how I could get the testing or if the testing would work. We finally got to a psychiatric NP who ordered the test and then told us the med my son was on would never work for him. Why didn’t I do the testing sooner? It’s affordable.

You know with depression and teens these days, there is no telling how long you have before they are thinking about suicide and attempting suicide. I worried every day about my son. I changed my schedule to be more available. I wouldn’t let him be alone for too long. I watched him suffer for way too long and I could have done this testing to help guide the providers in the right direction. The testing helped. It worked and he is on medications that help him and he is doing better.

Please join us on the show tomorrow to find new options for depression and anxiety and how this testing can help your patients, you or someone you care about.

The testing also evaluates for genetic tendencies and other mental disorders like OCD, PTSD, anxiety, schizophrenia, pain issues, and personality disorder. Don’t you want to learn more?

Listen on Apple, Spotify or Libsyn

Also visit to learn more about the testing!

September 21, 2020

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