Setting Goals as a New Physician Assistant Graduate

Hey 2020 PA Grads….

What Goals are you setting for your first year as a PA-C?
How’s it going as a new grad?

Did you get the job you wanted?

Are you able to work well with your physician(s) and staff? Getting the hang of newness all around you? It can definitely be overwhelming. Don’t be discouraged. I think in every job I have had, I have thought …What the H did I get myself into?!?!!!!! This is ridiculous and I don’t even know where to begin. 

It takes time to get the hang of any new job. And when you are in the physician assistant field it can take a really long time. There is so much responsibility and so many things to learn.

A new hospital system, a new EMR, a new dynamic with staff, crazy credentialing paperwork….and the list goes on, am I right?

Don’t forget to set your daily goals and look at the day you are in. Celebrate your small accomplishments. 

Don’t forget to have some new long-term goals to look forward to and strive for. You are way above coasting after you get that pretty C behind your name. 

Anyone out there have some goals they have set? Let’s go through this journey together and encourage one another!

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September 10, 2020

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